Monise | Completes Your Dream Bedroom
Quality products of bedding articles filled with silk, down, feather, wool, cotton, polyester, and other natural fibers, synthetic fiber stitched quilts and much more household and bedding products or materials you name it.

If you don’t find the right article, you can request and design your own.  Please let us have your requirement.

  1.  Bed Linens
  2. Silk Quilt
  3. Silk Blend Cotton Quilt
  4. Down Quilt , Down Sleeping Bag
  5. Wool Quilt
  6. Towel Blanket
  7. Comfort Quilt , Polyester Quilt, Stitched Quilt, Synthetic fiber filled Quilt
  8. Kapok Pillow, Polyester Pillow, Wool Pillow, Latex, Pillow, Down Pillow
  9. Mattress Pad
  10. Wool Blanket
  11. Rattan Mat , Indonesian Rattan Mat
  12. Embroidery Picture , Folding Screen and Silk Quilt Cover, Ribbon